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Our Mission Statement

Thrash Construction Services strives to maintain a standard of high quality, cost-effective construction for our clients through management and technical experience. These results are achieved through strong employee character and service-minded employees. We reach our goals through a team of employees that our clients and business associates trust and respect as industry professionals.

The right start......

....means a superior end product.


Careful planning prior to the start of construction provides the foundation on which every subsequent step is based. Addressing critical details before construction begins frequently results in fewer construction-phase changes, reduced construction time, and cost savings. It also ensures that the finished product meets the client’s needs. We work closely with the client and design team to develop accurate construction cost estimates as well as analyze scheduling, materials, building systems, and construction methods.


Thad Thrash was born in Ringgold, Louisiana to entrepreneurial parents who raised him with the understanding that hard work and honesty were paramount. At a young age, he began working for his father’s construction company and when it came time to choose a career path in college, he chose Construction Management Engineering. Thad graduated from Northeast Louisiana University in 1987 and took a job with Aberdeen Industries in Dallas, Texas.


He worked for Aberdeen Industries for five years as an Estimator, Project Manager, and Division Manager. In 1988, while with Aberdeen Industries, he was transferred to Washington D.C. In 1992, he accepted a position with Clark Construction as a Project Manager.


He lived in Washington D.C. for 9 years and in 1997, he and his wife Rachel moved to New Orleans in order to be closer to family. In 2001, Thad accepted the opportunity to work at an emerging start-up company, Ellis Construction, as a Vice President.


In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina pushed its way towards the Louisiana and Mississippi Gulf. Thad and Rachel Thrash were living in Lakeview, only a few blocks from where the 17th Street canal would eventually breach. Thad, Rachel and their three sons Nathan, Gabe, and Matthew had to evacuate. The Thrashes packed up their car and went to Thad’s hometown of Ringgold, Louisiana and stayed on the family farm.


Thad went back to New Orleans three days after the flood. He traveled by boat to his neighborhood, and eventually located his home, which stood in 15 feet of water. Nothing was salvageable.


Thad and Rachel enrolled their kids in St. Josephs School in Shreveport, trying to give them the closest thing they could to their previous school. A few weeks into the school year, two of the Thrash boys met two of the Bryan boys in their classes. Eventually, the Thrashes met the Bryans, and the friendship between the parents was immediate. Shortly thereafter, the idea of a partnership was brought up. Six months after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, a young new company, Bryan & Thrash Contractors, was formed in 2006.


Thad, having experience along the Gulf coast, was drawn back to South Louisiana by previous clients to help rebuild. The next several years brought new organization structure, team building, hard work and countless hours of travel. The company focused on and developed a reputation as a traveling contractor. In late 2011, the two partners decided to split to pursue their own individual business plans.


In 2012 he formed Thrash Construction Services, LLC (TCS). TCS is a single owner LLC, with a continued focus in providing general construction services to the Southeast construction markets. Thad is very fortunate to have worked with key employees for the past 14 years.


We appreciate you taking the time to understand who we are and where we have been. To learn a little bit about where TCS is located and the story behind TCS’s main office space, check out the Saving the Past page.




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